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Step by Step

Looking for the perfect gift 
for a special occasion?

Giving a painting is always original. Ordering it from abroad is nice & easy.

Here I present the steps you need to follow.

For more inquiries, feel free to contact me.


1. Choose:

- A reference image which I will reinterpret on my own style.


* [out of respect for copyright, I do not make exact copies].

- Ideas? Take a look at my gallery, and I'll taylor your own painting.


2. Budget

Check out the variety of budgets that suits your pocket.

Take a look on the materials, media, and minimum-maximum sizes.


3. Terms & Conditions

We need to agree on terms and conditions. I will send you a document that includes all the details for production, guarantee, delivery service, image copyrights, etc.

• Deposit 50% in advance so that I can buy the materials to produce the artwork & book your place.

• Deposit the remaining 50% when your painting is finished


4. Time

• Production time:

About a month. Depending on the complexity of the artwork can take less or more.


If you want I can keep you updated during the process by sending you photos of the painting progress.


5. Delivery

Delivery costs are extra.

For small packages €24.00 and medium €32.00 through DHL.

Your order will include a key number so that you can track & trace your painting.
Time of delivery:
- inside Europe 1-2 weeks.
- outside Europe: 1 month, approximately.

6. Payment Methods

Learn how to book your place for the commission and pay online.

Please do take into account that other extra costs may apply and should be covered by the customer.


See what I am up to

I post my work on instagram in a regular basis.

Take a look at my feed and see the works I have created and delivered abroad.

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