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T E R M S & C O N D T I O N S


When you are happy with the proposal and budget, I will send you by email an agreement of terms and conditions.


The agreement include:


- Painting's time of production.

- Breakdown of the quote including the extra shipping and optional packaging costs, advices on customs and taxes, etc.

- Shipment service of your choice + track & trace link.

- Copyright, privacy statement, etc.

- Certificate of Authenticity

(Serial Number + Guarantee for Restoration if your painting was damaged because of age or accident. Some other cases may apply, we can discuss them in the agreement).

R E T U R N  &  R E F U N D


Because of the personal nature of the commission unfortunately I can not accept devolutions or give refunds.


This is why I work with you along the process and I take on account the original sketch we agreed upon.

This applies for FINE ART PRINTS.

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