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P A Y M E N T 

I usually ask for 50% of the price of the painting of your choice to begin the commission. This allows me to purchase the canvas and the materials I need to create your painting.


I would ask for the 50% remaining when I finish the painting plus the costs of shipping so that I can deliver your order.


Extra Costs:


Please take into account that in addition to the price of the artwork itself there are other percentages of costs that may arise as extras.

  • Why do portraits cost more? [Go to portraits section]

  • Transaction and service fees: I can send you a digital invoice so that you can pay online through Stripe. It will charge you a flat rate of 3% + 30¢ per successful charge, which is why it can be added to your payment.


  • Delivery costs: Approximately, the cost for sending a painting abroad through DHL -for example- is between €24.00 (For small parcels 0-2 kg) to €32.00 (For medium parcels 2-5 kg). This does not include the extra taxes or custom costs.

  • Taxes & Custom costs:

An extra payment of % BTW is added to the total amount of each painting [which I have to declare as an income tax for every service performed].

- For the Netherlands:


9% VAT (Orange Tax) is added to the total cost of the artwork for customers living here in The Netherlands. 

- For Mexico and other countries abroad: Taxes and customs costs are paid directly by the customer in the country of destination. In Mexico this is about 16% of the total cost of the artwork. 

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