S H I P P I N G   Y O U R   O R D E R


I can ship artworks locally in The Netherlands and worldwide as well, depending on the scope of the postal shipping service. Together we can check it out before you can commission so that we could find the most suitable options for you.

U S I N G   D H L 


Delivery service and other import taxes are not included in the cost of the paintings.

For small parcels 0-2 kg

In The Netherlands: €8.00

Within Europe: €12.00

Around the world: €24.00

For medium parcels 2-5 kg


For large parcels 2-5 kg


  • P A C K A G I N G

I usually use recycled materials to package your commissioned painting.

Under special conditions we can discuss special packaging materials.

  • T R A C K  &  T R A C E

Through the delivery service, you will receive a key number so that you can track and trace your order safely. I will be following up the delivery status along with you until you receive the package in your hands. In the Terms & Conditions document you will see more advices and details about this.

  • D E L I V E R Y  T I M E


Depending on the postal delivery service it can take a week in within Europe and about a month globally.

  • E X T R A   C O S T S


The costs of shipping, delivery service, optional special packing, customs, and insurance of the artwork are not included in the price of the painting. Please note that these costs have to be covered by the customer.

See more at Payment

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