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Unlike the standard prices of my paintings, the portraits belong to a special category.


These have a higher cost than standard paintings because of their very personal nature, of the care I have to have to achieve the expression of the model portrayed and its closest resemblance.

Personalise it

You can ask me to add your favourite colours, animals, flowers or some personal elements that express your personality.


The perfect gift

These paintings can also be made for a dear friend as a gift and I can send it for you with a special card presentation. Contact me for more info.


Small Portraits on Wood Panel:


18 x 24 cm = €450.00

Medium Portraits on Wood Panel:


40 x 60 cm = €600.00


50 x 50 cm = €650.00

Large Portraits on Wood Panel:


60 x 80 cm = €820.00

50 x 70 cm = €850.00

De Luxe Portraits on Copper Plate

30 x 40 cm = €1800.00

40 x 60 cm = €2000.00

50 x 70 cm = €2200.00

60 x 80 cm = €2500.00

For the best results I request studio photos (or professionals) taken with the best possible quality. Front, 3/4, profile, etc. to study the facial expressions.



Consider that the processing time of painting a portrait may be longer than usual, (approximately 2 months).

Other aspects

Portraits are considered as one person, not as a group.

For group portraits or different sizes and materials, contact me.

*Prices before taxes.

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