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Original study of Sealtiel.


[work in progress]


Archival bristol paper

bright white

A4 [21 x 29 cm]

250 grs.


An interpretation from the image

of Sealtiel / Selaphiel.

Her name means 'Orationis Dei' in latin, "God's prayer, intercesor of God". She is the archangel of prayers. As a thuriferus [one who carries a censer] presents people's prayers to God symbolised as the smoke of the incence. 

The censer combines the 3 gifts of the Biblical Magi: gold, incence and myrrh. The resin of incence and myrrh is used for perfume [pleasure] and medicine [analgesic against pain]. This archangel presides over exorcisms, help to interpret dreams, break addicitons, and guides in prayers. 

Sealtiel [Work in Progress]

€ 80,00Price
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