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Original study of Metatron


[work in progress]


Archival bristol paper

bright white

A4 [21 x 29 cm]

250 grs.


An interpretation from the image

of Metatron.

The name means 'The one who serves beside the throne', in greek: "Meta / Thronos". Metatron is the Prince of the World, Keeper of the Watch, the one who guards and protects. He brought writing to humanity [from which arts and science derive] and records every human deed in his book. He is the scribe of God and is allowed to sit down in His presence and look upon God's countenance.

Metatron is believed to have transcended. He was human before: The prophet Enoch.  Genesis 5:24: "Enoch walked with God; then he was not there because God took him." He didn't experience phisical death, but transformed into an archangel. 

Metatron [Work in Progress]

€ 80,00Price
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