Sending artworks abroad! [packaging paintings]

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Here I share with you my experience in sending paintings abroad and how do I prepare the parcels:

How to package and send paintings abroad

I mostly use DHL for its clear system and custom service, specially to send packages to countries with complicated post offices.

Trough this company I send the track & trace link to my clients to follow up the shipment. I also take care that the package arrives safely to its destination: to the door of your house.

The price for each shipment varies depending on the weight of the package. You can check through this link the sizes and prices of the paintings that I can send abroad. Between 24, 32 and 50 euros for small, medium and large paintings outside The Netherlands.

How to package and send paintings abroad

The paintings are covered with tissue paper -acid free-, to prevent varnishes from sticking with the packaging plastic in case of extreme changes in temperature.

How to package and send paintings abroad

I use recycled material to pack the works, such as bubble wrap and cardboard, to lessen the impact if the package falls or collides with other boxes during shipment. I pay special attention in the corners of the frame.

How to package and send paintings abroad

And of course, I never forget to include with each painting your signed certificate of authenticity, a thank you note to my client and a part of presentation cards.

How to package and send paintings abroad

Sometimes I can include a legend or a story about the painting. This can be a good idea as a personalized gift that you want to give to someone special.

How to package and send paintings abroad

I always indicate that it is a fragile object and, just in case, I note the destination address both inside the package and outside.

How to package and send paintings abroad

Through DHL I print the invoices necessary for the shipment. Generally it is about 3 different papers: the purchase invoice, the barcode and the customs document. In case of doubt, I always include 2 copies of each one inside a plastic shirt firmly attached to the package.

And then, it is ready to go!

Let me know if this was useful to you, or how would you do it differently :)

If you are interested in commission an artwork, on this link you will find more information.

I give regular updates on my Instagram & Facebook, if you want to see what I'm up to.

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