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Fine Art Print

Archival cotton paper 300 grs


I made this image after visiting the shrine of Mary, untier of knots, in Cancún, México. 


Mary, the Untier of Knots is a German advocation that dates back to the 17th century, one variation of the invocations of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, which is celebrated each 8th December.


The legend tells that a noble couple was in the verge of divorce. They kept track of their problems and disagreements by tying knots, one after another, in the bow that was imposed on them during their marriage ceremony. The bow was so full of knots, it was a reflection on their marriage where problems seemed without a solution. So they asked the priest for advice. He prayed to Mary for their marriage and after a forth night the bow miraculously released every knot and the couple found peace. One of their grandchildren commissioned this painting to honour that miracle in his family.


The sanctuarium follows that belief and believers approach to Mary to ask for favours, like: solving a problem at work, recovering from health issues, safe come back from a long journey, and many more. 


I took inspiration from the original oil painting in Germany, made by Georg Schmidtner.  c. 1700.

Madonna, Untier of Knots, 2024

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