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Art Prints are AVAILABLE

Archival Paper | 300 grs

Signed by the artist

From €20.00


40 X 60 cm

Oil and mixed media on canvas

Painted by Elena Pietrini



The original painting is now part of a private collection [R.S.& F.D.O.] in Mexico City, México.

Madonna of El Rocío

€ 500,00Price
  • Madonna or Lady of El Rocío is a small carved wooden statue of the Virgin and Child, of which the only carved parts are the face, hands, and the Christ child, which is venerated at the Hermitage of El Rocío (Almonte, Province of Huelva, Spain).


    According to Jesús Abades, it is made of birch wood. On the back of the sculpture is the legend "Nuestra Señora de los Remedios" ("Our Lady of Remedies"), believed to be the original name of the statue, before it became known in the 15th century as Santa María de las Rocinas (later del Rocío).


    Legend has it that in the 15th century a hunter found the image carved on a thousand year old olive tree. The devout heralded her discovery as a divine signal and a shrine was built on that place. 

    Later on she was moved nearby Almonte and now resides a top a great big gold shrine inside the present day Ermita del Rocío.

  • If you are interested in commission a variation of the same subject check out Artworks on Commission menu. There are different measures, supports and prices for you or as a gift to give to celebrate a special event.

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