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Updated: Feb 22, 2019

In continuing with my purpose of registering my creative process, here is my most recent video about finding inspiration in the simple details of daily life.

❄️ Before winter ends...

🌨️ Can you remember when you felt snow for the 1st time?

I would like to know your story!

This time I want to share how was my first experience with snow some winters ago -since I moved from México to The Netherlands-, and how cold weather inspired me to create artworks in video and photograph series.

As Joseph Bueys [German artist. 1921-1986] used to say: 'Everyone can be an artist', I believe that curiosity and never getting used to things can lead us to know materials better and add meanings to them so to create art.

I would love to read your impressions on this idea either here or on my youtube channel.

If you liked it, you can support me in making more videos like this just by subscribing.

Looking forward to share more inspiration soon!

P.S. Stay curious and keep wandering!

Leave your impressions and don't forget to subscribe if you want to support my youtube channel and see more videos like this.

- Elena.

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