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P A I N T I N G • V I D E O Madonna Dolorosa & Nuvoyá

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Here is my most recent video about 'Madonna Dolorosa' [Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows] painting along with music performed by Nuvoyá. The song 'La llorona' that accompanies this video is interpreted by the beautiful voice of Flora Pasquet, musically arranged by Juan Pablo Aispuro.

'La llorona' is one of my favorite songs and one of the best known in the traditional Mexican repertoire. As it says in one of its lines 'He who does not know about loves, does not know what martyrdom is' inspired me to illustrate La Dolorosa. In that way I painted the 'Sorrowful Madonna' as an advocation that represents a wounded queen, majestic but vulnerable, with the many versions of this song in my mind.

I know Flora and JP since I was living in Mexico City, in love with their music the first time I heard them in La Roma. When I asked them if I could use their song to accompany my painting video, I was super happy that they agreed immediately.

The music mixes jarocho rhythms and Mexican accents brought to life by JP, while combining flavors from the Reunion Island, where the performer Flora is from. Listening to Nuvoyá transports me to Mexico, the land where I was born and which I take to my new home in The Netherlands.

I am very grateful for the trust that Flora and Juan Pablo put into my work to accompany their delightful rythms with my colour brushstrokes. I hope you can enjoy their music along with my painting performance, as much as I am sure we artists enjoyed creating sounds and pigment mixtures.


My special thanks to Flora Pasquet & JPablo Aispuro.

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