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Painting in times of Corona Virus

What kind of things are you planning to do these days at home?


Staying at home and not get too much contact with other people is a normal routine for me as a painter.

Before the corona virus, I would push myself out to the city at least once a week to meet some friends or go to a Museum. But now that those to options are not possible, I had to switch to a more online routine: Visiting museums online, skype-ing with friends, organising some meet ups on Patreon.

What I would recommend to those that are not used to a working-from-home-routine is:

- Try to create a list of things you want to accomplish during the week.

- Organise your list on a schedule day by day, dividing your mornings and evenings depending if you are more active in certain hours.

- I would do the most difficult or important things in the beginning, so that everything urgent would be taken care of in time and I could work more relaxed during the day.

- Take small breaks every 2 hours, after lunch or after 5:00 to make some exercise or stretching.

- Mark checks in your list at the end of the day, to see what you have accomplished and what needs to be done the next days.

As for inspiration:

- I will try to complete some sketchbooks these days, making a list of things I want to draw and drawing every day is I can.

- I want to keep it up with my Dutch, so I will try to practice a few hours in the mornings every day.

- I am working on some videos about paintings I want to share with you! You can also watch some other videos I have made on my youtube channel ▶️ and find some inspiration there.

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