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'Making a painting' video tutorials

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I have made a video series called 'making a painting', where you can learn about my creation process.

The video series include 3 videos of more than an hour long each one, about:

• sketching & transferring to canvas.

• underpainting.

• colour glazing and values.

You can watch each one of them on the Real Time tiers on my Patreon and learn about my painting process.

I.sketching & transferring to canvas.

Among many other uses, sketching allow us to plan our compositions in advance and to show a client our project proposal.

On this video you will see:

• how to change the scale of the drawing, from your sketchbook to your canvas size.

• how to create complex figures starting from basic geometrical shapes.

• how to transfer your sketch on the canvas.

Watch the demo:

II. underpainting.

In art, an underpainting is an initial layer of paint applied to a ground, which serves as a base for subsequent layers of paint.

Underpaintings are often monochromatic and help to define colour values for later painting.

On this video you will see:

• how to start over a neutral coloured background to work in layers.

• how to outline the transferred sketch, identifying light projected areas and shadows.

• how to 'sculpture' the volume of your figures to create an effect of dimension and depth.

Watch the demo:

III. colour glazing and values.

Value refers to the lightness or darkness of a colour. It indicates the quantity of light reflected.

On this video you will see:

• how to make glazings, a thin, transparent layer of paint, used on top of one another to build up depth and modify colours in a painting.

• how to understand the colours of light and shadows.

The videos are mostly real time, that means that you can watch every stroke of paint I did to create the face of the Madonna, or what kind of paintbrushes I am using to create certain effect, or how to create a gradient effect using wet on wet techniques, etc.

By watching these videos, you will be able to create your own Madonna!

Head to my Patreon Real Time tiers and subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you feel like:

By being part of our Patreon community you will enjoy of new and exclusive content every month that I don't share in any other social media. There you will also receive coaching and advice from what I have learnt and we can share more techniques together.

I would love to see you there!

~ Elena.

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